Gurdwara Nagiana Sahib is situated in in village Udoke, near Batala (about 35km from Amritsar). Sant Baba Chuggat Singh Ji was the first sewadar and built the main building.

This is a special place of worship for Nagis’ and their ancestors – in Punjabi we say “saday jatharian dee thaan” (our ancestors place). In Punjabi and all cultures around the world it’s very common for every clan to have their “ancestors village or place of worship”. Initially only Nagis’ used to visit the Gurdwara. There is also a Nagiana Fund which has been set-up to support a number of initiatives at Nagiana Sahib – from langar sewa each year on September 8th, supporting the weddings of under privileged girls. Click Here to learn more.

This is also a place tied to the history of Sri Guru Nanak Dev JI.

Most of us must have read or heard about the story of the “Sheshnag“ cobra that shaded young Nanak while he was sleeping in sun (click here for full story).

History has lead us to believe that the same Cobra that bestowed shade, followed Guru Nanak Dev Ji everywhere he went on his Udasians (travels or pilgrimages of Guru Nanak to spread God’s name).

During his travels, Guru Nanak Dev Ji stopped at the village Udoke and stayed in village Udoke for 9 months and 26 days, on his way to his in-laws who lived in the city of Batala. The devotee cobra was still following him – by now the cobra had reached a ripe age and was fairly old. Guru Nanak Dev Ji requested him not to follow him anymore; in lieu he should rest and dwell in Nagiana for good.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji showered his blessings upon the place that whoever would visit the shrine with the true faith, their wishes shall be fulfilled. Some people perceive Nagiana Sahib as place of worshiping snakes – this is not the case. It’s a Gurdwara and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji takes precedence above all.

Inside the Gurdwara there’s a parkash (presence) of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in a separate room the sculptures of cobras are displayed on a podium. Miniature cobras made out of metal can be obtained from an outlet at the Gurdwara to bestow offerings in the name of Nag Ji. For Nagis’, harming a snake is considered a bad omen.


Administration: the administration of the Gurdwara, is taken care by Baba Chuggat Singh Prabandhak Committee, a non-profit institituion.


  • Name of the Trust : Baba Chuggat Singh Prabandhak Committee
  • History of Trustee’s
  • Head Granthi – Baba Amreek Singh Ji
  • Caretaker / Jathedar – From 1977 to 2010 – Baba Joginder Singh Ji
  • Caretaker / Jathedar – From 2010 to Till Date – Baba Kawaljit Singh Ji